Sunday, 30 August 2009

Dolls House Miniature Shadow Boxes

My friend Kay introduced me to the world of dolls house miniatures. Wow its an addiction. Just love looking at all the miniature items, everything you can imagine, but have a particular fascination with the Victorian kitchen. I am amazed at the detail you can achieve. In the top box a cook is making some jam tarts. The butler has come in for a quick cuppa and is tempted to try one. The cook has discovered him just in time and has the rolling pin ready. Poor soul just let him try one please. In the second box the servant girl has had a hard day and just time to put her feet to soak. Love the little copper pans and tray of bread baking in the oven. It has been great fun making these boxes and I hope that one day I may have a dolls house -can but dream!!! (smile)


kay said...

wasnt innocent. its got to be sue malloys they are gorgeous hun.

margaret said...

Ooooh Rachel These are stunning love the theme in both of them. don't you believe that minx Kay it is all her fault. xxxx

kay said...

Mumsy how could you?????????? You start your collection yet lol. Is the cradle being rocked?

Gillian said...

Wow Rachel these are just lovely, what a great idea if you can't actually have the real thingxxx
(sorry I haven't left many messages recently and haven't time to leave one on all your have been a busy girl)